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Pumpkin Panic Monsters Guide

“Pumpkin Panic” is a thrilling Halloween-themed event in the popular game “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.” During this event, players are tasked with hunting down a special variant of the Odogaron known as the “Ebony Odogaron.”

To successfully take down this menacing monster and reap the rewards of the event, you’ll need to be well-prepared and knowledgeable. In this guide, we’ll provide you with valuable insights and strategies to tackle the Pumpkin Panic event and emerge victorious.

Understanding the Event

Pumpkin Panic is an event quest available in the Gathering Hub during the Halloween season. Jarvismedium.com wrote that the main objective of this quest is to hunt an Ebony Odogaron, a formidable creature with unique characteristics and attacks. Here are some key points to understand about this event:

  1. Event Duration: Pumpkin Panic is typically available for a limited time during the Halloween season. Be sure to check the event schedule to know when it’s active.
  2. Halloween-Themed Rewards: Completing the quest and participating in the event provides players with special Halloween-themed rewards, including event tickets and layered armor sets.
  3. Event Quest Difficulty: The Ebony Odogaron encountered in this event quest is a challenging foe with some variations in its moveset compared to the regular Odogaron.

Preparing for the Hunt

Before embarking on your Pumpkin Panic quest, it’s crucial to ensure you’re adequately prepared. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Gear Check: Review your armor and weapons to ensure they are appropriately upgraded and augmented. The Ebony Odogaron can be a tough adversary, so having the best gear you can obtain is essential.
  2. Elemental Resistance: Consider crafting or using armor sets with high resistance to dragon and bleeding damage. The Ebony Odogaron inflicts bleeding status, which can be troublesome if not managed.
  3. Eating a Meal: Prior to heading into the quest, visit the canteen in Astera or Seliana to eat a meal. Choose a meal that provides helpful buffs such as increased health and stamina.
  4. Item Preparation: Stock up on healing items, traps, and other essential items like antidotes. Be ready to craft more healing items on the fly if needed.

Hunting the Ebony Odogaron

Now that you’re adequately prepared, let’s discuss strategies for taking down the Ebony Odogaron:

  1. Study the Monster: Before engaging, take some time to observe the Ebony Odogaron’s movements and attack patterns. Knowing when it’s vulnerable and when to evade its attacks is crucial.
  2. Watch for Bleeding: The Ebony Odogaron can inflict bleeding status with its attacks. If you’re bleeding, stand still and use Astera Jerky or eat a Sushifish Scale to stop the bleeding.
  3. Elemental Weakness: The Ebony Odogaron is weak to ice elemental damage. If possible, use a weapon with ice element or consider bringing ice elemental weapons to exploit this weakness.
  4. Breakable Parts: Focus on breaking the Ebony Odogaron’s parts, such as its claws and tail, to weaken its attacks and potentially gain additional materials as rewards.
  5. Stagger and Trap: Utilize traps and environmental features to stagger and immobilize the monster, creating openings for your attacks. Traps like Shock Traps and Pitfall Traps can be highly effective.
  6. Teamwork: If you’re playing with a group, coordinate your attacks and roles. Having a balanced team with healers, damage dealers, and support roles can significantly improve your chances of success.
  7. Stay Mobile: The Ebony Odogaron is fast and agile. Keep moving to avoid its attacks, and use your evasion skills wisely. Roll or dive to evade its lunging strikes.

Event Rewards and Armor Sets

Successfully completing the Pumpkin Panic quest will reward you with event tickets that can be used to craft Halloween-themed armor sets and other unique items. Here are some of the rewards you can look forward to:

  1. Layered Armor Sets: Pumpkin Panic event tickets can be used to craft layered armor sets that allow you to change the appearance of your armor while retaining its stats. These sets often have spooky or Halloween-themed designs.
  2. Palico Gear: You can also obtain Halloween-themed Palico gear, allowing your trusty Palico companion to join in the festivities with a unique and spooky appearance.
  3. Decorations: The event often offers unique decorations that you can use to customize your weapons and armor further.
  4. Special Materials: Defeating the Ebony Odogaron in the event quest may yield special materials that can be used to craft or upgrade weapons and armor.

The Pumpkin Panic event in “Monster Hunter World: Iceborne” provides players with a thrilling Halloween-themed experience and exciting rewards. By adequately preparing, understanding the Ebony Odogaron’s behavior, and coordinating with your team (if applicable), you can conquer this formidable monster and enjoy the spoils of victory. So, gear up, sharpen your weapons, and embark on the Pumpkin Panic quest to embrace the Halloween spirit in the world of “Monster Hunter.” Happy hunting!

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