7 Best Flores Island Tours to Book

Flores island is one of the best tourist destinations in Indonesia. The island offers beautiful nature, cultures, and amazing traditions. Flores island is located in East Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. Through the 7 best Flores island tours to book, you will able to explore all the places on the island.

In order to see the sightseeing on Flores island, it is recommended that you take at least 4 days Flores tour package or more. These tour packages can start from Maumere or Labuan Bajo. And you can select your own best places to visit on the island. However, if you can not you may try to join the packages.

The tour operator will also accommodate the Flores island resort for the best stay on the island. During the Flores tour, you will enjoy staying at the recommended hotels in Maumere, Bajawa, Ruteng, and Labuan Bajo. However, you can also prefer to stay at the hotel you choose.

The tour packages are also available for combinations of a Flores Komodo Tour which allow you to explore Flores and Komodo. You can take 7 days or 6 days to explore both destinations. Choose to go from Maumere or Labuan Bajo, this way will be a perfect way to start your exploration.

Flores tour package has been one of the favorite and recommended activities to do while visiting Indonesia. If you are looking to trek through tropical forests and beautiful landscapes, the Flores tour is the best choice. You can also visit some beaches and experience the local tradition.

The 7 Best Flores Island Tours to Book

For your best traveling to Flores island, this page will be recommended the 7 best Flores Island tours to book. If you plan to visit the island, you may try to book one of these recommended tour packages. Otherwise, you can choose to go with your own itinerary.

Flores travel agency will arrange all the best tours while you are on the island. These tour packages to Flores are mostly based on private arrangements. Few of the tour packages are shared with a combination of Komodo National Park and Flores Island tours.

7 days 6 nights Flores Komodo tour package is one of the best tour combinations. This tour will allow you to explore some beautiful destinations in Flores and Komodo National Park. You will experience beautiful nature and see Komodo dragons. Besides that, you will also experience the local culture.

2 days 1-night Wae Rebo village tour package. This tour package will allow you to experience the authentic traditional village of Manggarai in west Flores. You will stay in a traditional house and enjoy the local foods and coffee of Wae Rebo village.

6 days and 5 nights Kelimutu Flores island tour package. This tour will start from Maumere. You will enjoy staying at Moni village, trekking on Kelimutu volcano, visit Bena village, Ruteng, and Labuan Bajo. This trip is perfect for those who looking for adventure and exploring the best Indonesian tourist destinations.

Half-day tour to Goa Rangko cave. This tour package will allow you to experience the amazing natural pool inside the cave. Rangko cave is located in the north of Labuan Bajo. It takes about 30 minutes from Labuan Bajo 15 minutes to drive and 10 minutes by boat.

3 days 2 nights Kelimutu lakes tour package is one of the best tours to visit Kelimutu in Flores island. You will visit Koka Beach, Moni Village, Bena village, and Waterfall. Experience a 45-minute trek to the top of Kelimutu volcano and catch a beautiful sunrise. Enjoy also a local tradition at Bena village, Bajawa.

The Cunca Rami waterfall tour in Labuan Bajo is the best day tour while you are in Labuan Bajo, west Flores. You will trek through the tropical rainforests and beautiful rice fields. Enjoy a shower at Cunca Rami waterfall, Labuan Bajo.

Melo Village Caci stick fight show. This tour will accommodate a visiting one of a village at Labuan Bajo where you can enjoy watching the Caci traditional dance of the Manggarai tribe. You can also try to join the fight.

For more information on the best tour packages to Flores, you can visit the page Flores island tour packages price. There are a variety of tour packages to book. You will also find some Komodo tours, Sumba tour packages, and Alore island tours.

Recommended Places to Visit on Flores Island

Flores is famous for its landscapes and rich culture. These beautiful things are makeover a million people around the world start to plan a trip to Flores island. The island has everything to show you, from the beach, volcano mountains, beautiful landscapes, and culture and tradition.

Kelimutu volcano mountain is one of many Indonesian volcanic mountains. This mountain is located in Ende, central Flores, Indonesia. Not so hard trek, this mountain is recommended to all trekker levels. You will enjoy three colored lakes and a beautiful sunrise.

Lingko Sawa Lodok or spider web rice field is located in the Cancar village, west Flores. It is a beautiful form of rice field which is regarding the tradition of the Manggarai tribe. The Flores island tour packages will take you to visit this amazing rice field.

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Waer Rebo village is an authentic Manggarai traditional village. It is located in the Manggarai regency, Western Flores Island. The only way to get here is by joining a Flores tour package from Labuan Bajo or from Ruteng. It will take approximately 6 hours to get there from Labuan Bajo. You will experience the local life and enjoy staying in these traditional houses.

Bena village is a traditional house of the Bajawa tribe. This destination is located in central Flores island. You can join Flores overland tour package to visit this village. Experience the megalithic village and local life in the village. You can also see the tradition of people in Bajawa.

Goa Rangko cave is a cave located in Labuan Bajo, Manggarai. This cave is one of the most favorite places to visit while you do a Tour package to Flores. You will enjoy swimming in the natural pool and trekking through the savannah hill at Sylvia hill.

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