Top Komodo Island Tour packages

Top Komodo Island tour packages are organized by Komodo Wisata in Labuan Bajo. These tour packages are perfect for your Komodo vacation.

Komodo National Park is the place where over 4000 species of Komodo Dragons are found. Rinca and Komodo island are two islands where the most Komodo Dragons are living.

Komodo Dragons are the world’s largest lizards with a length of 100m and their weight can go to 300kg. They are wildlife and a type of monitoring lizard. It can run 20km per hour and can smell blood from 10 km.

Our Top Komodo Island Tour Packages

We have selected all the best Komodo tours that suit your travel style and budget. Our Komodo tour packages depart from Labuan Bajo every day.

Tours to Komodo are available in private and shared tour packages. Shared Komodo tours mean you will go with the other participants.

Below are the top Komodo Island Tour packages to book:

  1. Full-Day Private Komodo Tour
  2. One Day Shared Komodo Tour
  3. 2D/1N Private Komodo Tour
  4. 3D/2N Shared Komodo Tour
  5. 3D/2N Private Komodo Island Tour
  6. 4D/3N Private Komodo Tour

The above tour packages are all-inclusive of the hotel transfers in Labuan Bajo, meals, and tour guide. They don’t include the Komodo entrance fees.

To see more details and book a tour, you can visit Komodo Island Tour packages. There are a variety of Komodo tours and Komodo Boat charters. Other tour arrangements, such as the Flores and Sumba tours, are also available.

Places to Visit in Komodo National Park

Below are the recommended places you can visit in Komodo National Park:

  1. Manjarite Island
  2. Rinca island
  3. Kalong Island
  4. Komodo island
  5. Pink Beach
  6. Manta Point
  7. Taka Makasar
  8. Padar island
  9. Kanawa Island
  10. Gili Lawa Island
  11. Kelor Island
  12. Bidadari island

There are still many more places you can visit, contact your travel agent to find the best recommendations.

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