Tips Before Joining a Komodo Island Tour

The Komodo National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a place where over 2000 Komodo Dragons are inhabitants. Komodo Dragons are the world’s largest lizards and are only found in Komodo National Park. On this page, you will find some tips before joining the Komodo Island tour packages.

Komodo island tour from Bali is most recommended to do while visiting Indonesia. The tour to Komodo from Bali can arrange with the flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo. Flights frequently depart from Denpasar. You can choose to book in the morning or afternoon.

Exploring the Komodo National Park is a must-do on your holiday to Labuan Bajo or Bali. Join a day tour or an overnight Komodo island boat trip is the best solution for your great travel experience to Komodo. You can share it with other travelers in your family. The Komodo Wisata team will always be ready to give a better service for your great adventure.

Besides the Komodo Dragons, you will also find much other wildlife in Komodo National Park. You will find deer, snakes, birds, and wild pigs. You will have time to see them all in the wildlife. With the best rangers on the island, you will explore in safe and comfortable. Boat operators to Komodo National Park will ensure that you will have fun during the Komodo island tours from Labuan Bajo.

Tips before you visit the Komodo National Park

There are some tips before you do traveling to Komodo National Park. These are very important to know and understand. Komodo National Park is the home of wildlife, therefore you need to know all the things before you decide to do a trip to Komodo Island.

Komodo Dragons are dangerous, they are wildlife and could attack you at any time. Therefore you have to be quiet on the island, no screaming. Baby Komodo are often on the tree, keep watching and be careful. Make sure you will always be with your ranger or guide.

Never try to travel alone on the island. If you plan to travel to Komodo or join a Komodo boat tour, you need to go with friends or family, at least two people. This can be good traveling and enough to accompany your while exploring the Komodo National Park. You can join the shared Komodo island tour for a better if you are a solo traveler.

Do not smoke on the island during the trip. Komodo Island is dry and easy to burn. You are not allowed to smoke on the island. The ranger will explain more about the who to travel to Komodo island boat trip from Labuan Bajo. They will explain everything before you do a Komodo adventure or hiking on the island.

You are not allowed to touch the corals while diving or snorkeling in the National Park. Follow your instructor if you do a dive tour on the island. The Komodo island trip from Bali will lead you to explore the underwater world in Komodo National Park. They will give a brief about what to do while you do a dive on Komodo.

The woman who is on their period is not allowed to join this tour package from Bali. This is due to the Komodo Dragons will smell the blood as their prey. So it is not a ferry recommended for you who are in period to travel to Komodo.

Best Komodo Island Boat Trip from Bali

For you safe and comfortable trip to Komodo Island from Bali, this page will explain and recommend all the best tour packages to Komodo. There will also recommend a private Komodo tour with a Phinisi boat.

Komodo Island private tour from Bali for 7 days and 6 nights is one of the best you can join. This trip is based on a shared tour package arrangement. You will leave Bali Island in the morning and explore, Nusa Penida, Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa, and Kommodo National Park. This tour package to Komodo will depart two times from Bali.

3 days and 2 nights Komodo island tour from Labuan bajo. This tour is based on a shared tour package and a private trip. You can also arrange this trip from Bali. All you need to do is book an early flight from Denpasar to Labuan Bajo. If you book a shared trip to Komodo Island, you will need to fit your schedule with the boat schedule. The boat only departs on Friday, every week.

If you have only a short time on your holiday, you can join the Komodo Island full-day tour with a high-speed boat. The speed boat departs every day, you can book on a private or a shared speed boat from Labuan Bajo. the speed boat tour from Bali is also available for a private charter. You can book a flight to Labuan Bajo early in the morning and then connect a boat tour in Labuan Bajo.

4 days and 3 nights Komodoisland boat trip from Labuan Bajo and from Bali. This tour is only available on a private trip. The trip departs daily from Labuan Bajo harbor. You will need to be there at 09.30 am in the morning or if you do a private boat charter to Komodo, you can choose to depart at any time you want.

For more Komodo boat tours, you can visit the page Komodo island tour from Bali and Lombok. There will have many options of Komodo boat tour packages to book. You can choose to depart in a private or a shared boat trip. They will ensure you get a fun trip to Komodo National Park.

Estimate Prices for Komodo National Park Tour

The Komodo island tour price from Bali cost $1000 per person for a shared boat trip. This trip will depart from Bali Indonesia. You can get discounts if you travel with more than ten people.

If you do a Komodo boat travel on the Komodo island boat tours from Labuan Bajo, the estimated travel price to Komodo Island is $250 per person for a shared boat tour. If you do a private trip, it will cost approximately $1500 per boat.

Komodo Island speed boat trip will cost $150 per person for a shared speed boat. And for the private trip on the speed boat, the cost will be $1200 per boat. The cost includes free hotel transfers in Labuan Bajo.

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